AFL SuperCoach 2014 – Intro


Well here we are everyone, SuperCoach is back open for 2014 and if you’re still in love with the game after such an up and down season in 2013, you will probably have been sitting on the page just after midnight working out your first team entry. If you feel like you have had enough and don’t want to do SuperCoach this season, let me convince you in this post.

What do you have to lose? It doesn’t cost any money to play SuperCoach at all, you don’t have to pay anything to enter into a competition. You only need to set a little bit of time spare to do some research and to complete your side at the beginning. From then on in all you have to do is check the team lists and injury lists on a Thursday night or Friday morning to get your team sorted for the weekend.

Win or lose it is still fun right? Even though when you have your down weeks and you want to give up playing forever, just like every regular club you have your good moments, you have the times where you feel like you are on top of the world. You are able to compete against friends, perhaps even people you don’t quite like and what is better than smashing them?

Any help needed, you have me! Here is a good time to announce that in 2014 my SuperCoach reviews and posts won’t be exactly the same as in 2013. The big change will be that instead of every single week, I will be creating a SuperCoach post every three weeks. The reasoning for this lies in the fact that there were too many times I was getting caught out trying to write a review when there was nothing happening that round, especially the bye rounds. To go with this though I will make sure I am more active on Twitter. So you can always pop over and find me on Twitter @brodieejaiee and any questions you have you can ask me through private or just ask me straight up.


  • The entire SuperCoach layout has been built up from scratch with an improved look. Will take getting used to but could work well.
  • SuperCoach will work 100% on your computer, your tablet and on your smartphone. I’ve found that on the iPhone through Safari it doesn’t work too well however there will be an app.
  • Unlimited Dual Position player moving when trading. This is the big change as now if you happen to have a Def/Mid and two Mid/Fwd players with one in each position you can trade them around as you please without having to be careful of how you do it.
  • Apps mentioned above in 2014 will be FREE
  • New weekly head-to-head rivalries that you can set up with anyone. Good for if you have a family member or close friend you want to compare with every week.
  • Much more

Key Dates

So we’re back in business for 2014 and it is very exciting. A Sports Banter league will be set up again within the near future and I am going to work towards getting a lot more people in it for 2014 which will work well for the site too as if people are competing with those involved around Sports Banter they will want to view the site more. As mentioned, you will find me on Twitter pretty much all the time for questions that you may want answered. On Thursday’s teams will generally be named at 5:30-6:30pm however I will not be available to answer any questions until at least 8pm (Queensland time) in those situations. Find me @brodieejaiee and let’s get the ball rolling for 2014. Good luck to every single one of you.

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Young writer and footballer from Brisbane, Queensland. Look out for my AFL Super Coach reviews and previews.

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